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    • 10,239 deaths in the UK 2007...  
    • 93% of deaths are men 65+...   
    • Early detection and treatment saves lives..   
    • Most commonly diagnosed cancer in Men..   
    • Over 35,000 diagnosed cases in the UK 2006..   

What are the warning signs?

Actually, there are very few warning signs - getting older is the biggest one. However, if you notice any of these symptoms then get it checked out:

  • 1. Having to rush to the toilet to wee.
  • 2. Difficulty weeing, dribbling.
  • 3. Weeing more often than usual, especially at night.

Why does it cause problems?

Unfortunately it’s just a sign of getting older - the tools that have worked so hard for so long become tired and worn out. The prostate gland grows with age and can restrict your wee tube and interrupt the flow of urine. This doesn’t always suggest cancer; as we get older, that big old gland is more prone to produce a bad or damaged rapidly-growing cell, which is all cancer is.

So when it comes to prostate cancer a doctors finger up your bum could in fact save your life - early diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer is vital to survival.

When you turn 50, go and see your GP and get a checkup. The doctor will put his or her finger up your bum and run a PSA test (simple blood test). This should be the starting point. You should go back for regular monitoring from then on.

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