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    • 10,239 deaths in the UK 2007...  
    • 93% of deaths are men 65+...   
    • Early detection and treatment saves lives..   
    • Most commonly diagnosed cancer in Men..   
    • Over 35,000 diagnosed cases in the UK 2006..   

Stats you should know

In the UK 10,239 men died of prostate cancer. The majority of prostate cancer deaths (93%) occur in men aged 65 and over and is rare in men under 50.

- 300,000 new cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed in Europe each year. Lowest rates Southern and Eastern Europe. Highest rates are in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

- Sweden has the highest prostate cancer rate in Europe, the reason? Age has to be a factor, Swedish men Live longer. National average 76.5 years where in the UK the national average is 73.2 years.

- African /Caribbean men and their descendants are more affected by prostate cancer. More awareness needs to be directed into this community.

- Prostate cancer affects all men no matter what culture, religion or sexuality. Prostate cancer has no preference, you just have to be a man but it can be beaten. Early detection and treatment saves lives.