Belfast Strut

Fri, Jan 4th 2013, 17:00

On the 16th March 2013 we will be hosting the charity biggest event. The 'Belfast Strut' is an event to launch the 'Zero Campaign'. 
 Over a 10-year period Northern Ireland has had zero deaths from Testicular Cancer for 3 of those years. 
 These statistics are unique to Northern Ireland. 

 The 'Zero Campaign' is a campaign to celebrate and showcase NI's remarkable achievements of Zero Deaths to the rest of the world and to inspire them to achieve what Northern Ireland have in their own countries. We are looking for 100 people to become a Mr. Testicles for a day. A 10 mile walk from Nutts Corner to Belfast's Waterfront Hall dressed as Giant testicles. 
 We need 100 fundraisers to sign up to do this! 
 Be a giant pair of Testicles for a day and help us achieve something amazing. Sign up now at Belfast Strut- 16th March 2013.



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