How to check

Best time is after a hot bath or shower where everything is nice and loose. Using finger and thumb, make sure each testicle is smooth and with no lumps. The lumpy knotty bit at the back of the testicles should be there, that’s your epididymis. You’re looking for pea size lumps or swellings.

Personal Info: One testicle usually hangs longer and maybe looks bigger than the other, this is common. Check both testicles, chances of finding a lump on both testicles is rare. So use one as a guide for the other.

What if I Find a Lump?

Most testicular lumps are NOT cancer. More likely just common cysts. At the Testicular Clinic Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham UK, only 76 cancers were found out of 2,000 men seen with a testicular lump. This means fewer than four in every 100 testicular lumps (4%) are cancer (figures courtesy of Mr. Mike Wallace, FRCS).


  • If testicular cancer is caught and treated in the very early stages it can be 100% curable!

  • If left untreated, cancer can quickly spread resulting in far harsher medical treatment and lower survival rates. So wise up!

  • So remember Lumps? Yeah, a pea size lump or swelling is what you’re looking for!

  • Testicular cancer can affect all men no matter what their religion, sexuality or background.

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